Care Guide

Each item made by Diaz Designs Home is made from un spun merino wool, which is hand processed by Emma to make every product more durable and longer lasting. Although all products have been through this process, they are luxury decorative items and the more you use them the more they will begin to show signs of wear and tear. With the correct care, they can last a long time, so it is important that you know how to look after them!


Every product is decorative, and so as with all woollen products, pilling can occur with heavy use. Pilling is simply loose fibres, which can turn into little balls on the surface. These fibres can be gently teased off or carefully trimmed with small scissors, without affecting the use of the product. You can then gently smooth the fibres down in one direction with your fingers. Pilling is not a sign of a defect, it’s a natural occurrence in the natural wool that I use.


Merino wool is actually stain and water resistant, so maintaining splashes and drops of tea is relatively easy. Just blot anything like this away with clean cold water.

Dry clean only when necessary, and don’t be afraid to give the items  good shake, this will get rid of any dust.

Due to packing and transportation my items may become a little squashed, so a good shake and re shape once you receive your product will do them the world of good.

Most importantly, please enjoy your Diaz Designs Home product!