A little about me…

I started designing and making my beautiful rugs as a way to keep warm, whilst in the midst of renovating our little stone cottage in the Cotswolds (with my husband and my two cats, Zorro and Ginny.) After posting a few of my designs on social media, it turned out that other people loved them too, and my business took off from there!

I am an extremely creative person, and have worked in a creative industry all my life. This means I have an extremely critical eye for detail and design (as well as a small tea and cake addiction, but we won’t speak about that now…) and therefore all of my products are finished to the highest possible standard, to provide you with a luxury piece suitable for any space in your home.


I use 100% un spun Merino wool, which I painstakingly hand process myself before working with it. This is extremely time consuming, but is integral to the finish and high standard of product that I am proud of creating.


I hope you find what you are after here, but if not please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Everything is hand made by me, so if you are after a more bespoke piece please just let me know.


Thank you for visiting Diaz Designs Home!


Emma x